North NJ DSA

Election Day is May 10th for our NNJDSA endorsed candidate, Chigozie Onyema, running for council in Newark’s West Ward. This is an exciting, close, but winnable race. It is likely to go to June run-off election yet is very winnable. Having a socialist win in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey, would be a great step forward for Newark, for New Jersey and for democratic socialism.

Chigozie is a DSA member and has worked with our chapter on true public safety and elec- toral campaigns. This coalition campaign with NNJDSA means a collaboration while his team retains some autonomy on the campaign to ensure that the campaign belongs to the grassroots movement and not led by DSA, a primarily white organization. Our participation gives our chapter the opportunity to knock on doors and build relationships with residents of Newark’s West Ward, as we did in the campaign for Joel in Ward B of Jersey City. One of his priorities for housing is investing in community land trusts, an inherently socialist policy as it takes land off the speculative market. On labor, he wants mostly to ensure that new job opportunities go to the community where they launch and prioritizes hiring Black and Brown community workers from the community and ideally union. Also, his campaign is responding to the needs of his community, a community we can learn more about and build better coalition and trust.

There is no incumbent running, as current incumbent is under indictment for taking bribes in the role of Newark CEDC (now Invest Newark) chair. The main opponent is the local democratic slate which will be somewhat of a hurdle. However, Chigozie has high fundraising numbers and has a strong campaign infrastructure and is well-known, respected, and liked in the community. And he has NNJDSA! Us!

Come volunteer with us! Come out for the last Day of Action before the election – May 10th!

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