North NJ DSA

by Brett R

There’s a new branch in the North Jersey DSA! Our chapter has expanded by forming an Essex County branch. A branch is a smaller unit of a DSA chapter that can better organize in a specific region. Our chapter, North New Jersey, encompasses many counties spanning a large portion of the state. Forming a branch in Essex County allows us to develop local strategy, leadership, and connections while continuing to build on the work of the broader chapter.

Essex County is one of the most unequal counties in the entire United States. From the sleazy inner-city slumlords who illegally raised rents throughout the pandemic to big polluters continuing to use the Ironbound as a toxic dumping ground to an absurdly corrupt and reactionary county boss system embodied by Joe D and his cronies, the working class of Essex County continues to suffer under the boot of capitalist exploitation while living just miles away from some of the wealthiest zip codes in the state. As Essex County residents we must ask ourselves: Which side are you on?

There are nearly a million people living in Essex County, and it contains New Jersey’s largest city, Newark. There are hundreds of DSA members already living in our very diverse and densely populated county so there is a great base for our organization to build upon and a lot of room to grow. The best organizing is done locally. And now we have a structure for chapter members from the Caldwells to Newark to organize in their own backyards for socialism.

So far we have established working groups to map out power structures in Essex County, formed a communications team, and have started a reading group on “No More Police” by Mariame Kaba and Andrea Ritchie. We need more people who want to help build the branch. In particular we need help with communications, member outreach, power mapping, and any other way that people can contribute.

Contact us at

Twitter: @EssexCoDSA

Instagram: @essexcodsa

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