North NJ DSA


After years of pressure from immigrant rights groups, New Jersey has phased out ICE detention, for the most part. The private ICE facility in Elizabeth is still in operation, having renewed a contract until at least 2023.

Our chapter voted to make Abolish ICE a priority campaign for 2021. After years of pressure and organizing, from activists and organizers, and largely the efforts of organizations in the Abolish ICE NY/NJ Coalition like Movimiento Cosecha, Pax Christi, NYSYLC, and the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, Gov. Murphy signed 5207/S-3361. Our chapter’s contributions mattered from jail site actions, phone zaps of elected officials, petitioning and canvassing against inhumane detention and inhumane jail conditions.

While the Hudson, Bergen, and Essex beds having once been filled with ICE detainees have depopulated, releases only accounted for roughly 15% of the depopulated. Most detainees were transferred to other states’ facilities like Batavia, NY or deported. The management company operating the Elizabeth facility, CoreCivic signed renewed their contract with ICE until at least 2023.

The Immigrant Justice Working Group see’s many ways of continuing work against ICE, nationwide, from supporting national led campaigns around ending immigrant detention at the federal level, and locally, in continuing the fight in Elizabeth.

While we decide what next to make a priority as a chapter, it remains clear that winning gains and building solidarity with and in the multiracial working class includes undocumented members of our community, fighting to demilitarize and abolish borders that divide workers while allowing capital to freely is critical to our internationalist struggle, and beating oppressive labor practices improves the lives of all workers. These are all things we’ll continue to carry into 2022 and into our future work.

Resolutions on Noncitizen Voting in Jersey City, Reiterating Our Commitment to the Palestinian Struggle, Labor Solidarity are all proposed items for this year’s convention.

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