North NJ DSA

Building a Stronger North Jersey DSA

The main focus of this campaign is to build the capacity of our chapter to bring in new members, further engage existing members, and develop leadership.

Short term goals:

  • Onboard at least five to ten new or paper members to involved members each month
  • Quarterly social events planned and enacted on
  • Compliance with National for fully activated Grievance Officer(s)
  • Updating and distributing a 2022 edition of the New Member’s Handbook to all members
  • Create a plan of action for reaching out to paper members and encouraging them to attend a new membership orientation, get them active in an action or campaign

Long term goals:

  • Strive for higher member activation rates from paper members to active members
  • Increase capacity for more frequent social events, bi-monthly/monthly rotation, along with activating members to assist with planning so it doesn’t fall on EC
  • An increase in the number of active members will grow the capacity of the chapter to take on and successfully accomplish external projects and build working class power in North Jersey.
This campaign is one of three priority campaigns voted on and passed during our annual convention in January 2022. Read this campaign proposal’s full language here.