Building Up Class Struggle Campaigns in Jersey City

Outward-facing, class struggle campaigns are crucial for building power, growing DSA, and becoming more reflective of North Jersey’s working-class communities. Planning and executing external campaigns also requires money, time commitment, consistent turnout from membership, and long-term strategizing. For these reasons, the North New Jersey DSA resolves to build on the organizing work accomplished last year through our campaigns, especially the electoral campaign in Jersey City. Committing to a class struggle campaign in Jersey City that expands our canvassing, phone-banking, and membership mobilizing work will demonstrate our chapter’s long-term seriousness and dedication as community members. We will establish a temporary team to research and plan a strong campaign for 2022—be it through elections or other initiatives—and bring it before chapter membership for approval. 

This resolution will commit our chapter to a Jersey City-based campaign with clear goals that would win material gains for working people, with potential allies and a definitive class enemy that polarizes the working class from the ruling class and further organizes working people in North NJ.

This campaign is one of three priority campaigns voted on and passed during our annual convention in January 2022. Read this campaign proposal’s full language here.