North NJ DSA

Working Groups, Committees and Caucuses

Electoral Working Group

Our electoral working group’s mission is to help elect socialist candidates here in NJ and across the country. Through canvassing, phone banking, and organizing we will work to build the left’s power in North NJ.

To get involved, email nnjdsa.electoral [ at ]

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Health Justice Working Group

The Health Justice (Medicare for All) Working Group is organizing for Medicare for All at the local, state and federal level. We need a healthchare system that prioritizes the health of working-class Americans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives. We need a single, universal system with comprehensive coverage that is free at the point of service. Email nnj.m4a [ at ] to get involved.


The Housing Justice working group works to advance housing as a human right through community organizing, tenant education, direct action, and policy and advocacy. Email nnj.housing [ at ] to get involved.

Twitter: @NNJDSA_Housing

FILE - In this May 21, 2020, file photo, people from a support organization for immigrant and working class communities unfold banners, including one advocating rent cancelation, on a subway platform in the Queens borough of New York during a vigil memorializing people who died from coronavirus. The pandemic has shut housing courts and prompted authorities around the U.S. to initiate policies protecting renters from eviction. But not everyone is covered, and some landlords are turning to threats and harassment to force tenants out. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

The Immigrant Justice working group’s main mission is to shut down ICE detention centers in North Jersey and support the empowerment of New Jersey’s immigrant communities. To do this we regularly make appearances at county freeholders meetings, hold weekly phone zaps (Fridays at noon) with an Abolish ICE-NY/NJ coalition to pressure politicians on both sides of the Hudson, and try to bring attention to the human rights crisis happening in our backyard. Two thirds of people who get picked up in New York City by ICE end up in New Jersey, showing that this is a regional issue with regional potential for organizing in the future.

Meanwhile, there are four ICE concentration camps in New Jersey–three in county jails (Hudson, Essex, Bergen), one privately-run (Elizabeth Detention Center, operated by the for-profit carceral vulture firm CoreCivic). We demand the end of ALL detention and deportations, full legal, social, and political equality for all, and open borders globally.

To get involved, email nnj.immigration [ at ]

Twitter: @Immigration_NNJ


Labor Working Group

The North New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America Labor Working Group is dedicated to building worker’s solidarity in the Northern New Jersey region. As democratic socialists, we recognize that workers not only have the power to directly confront capitalism, but that we have the potential to generate an equitable and just world. We understand the need for building working class power through the democratization of the workplace, and the ending of ableism, ageism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia and all forms of discrimination and exploitation in all work environments. The working group’s aim is to provide support to the working community by liaising with local labor organizations, bringing together members who are involved in the labor movement to coordinate actions & strategies, engaging in political education around labor, conducting training events for workplace safety, collective bargaining tactics, anti-harassment/discrimination etc., and aiding in any other DSA campaigns that the chapter may be involved with.

If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to our Membership Coordinator at nnj.labor [ at ]


Media and Communications Committee

The Media and Communications committee works to amplify North New Jersey DSA’s work, help recruit new members, and create popular education tools. We aim to expose the inequalities of our capitalist system and show that socialism is a viable and necessary alternative.

We have subcommittees that focus on Visual Design, Social Media, External Communications, and Tech. By creating infographics, pamphlets, flyers, op-eds, banners, online campaigns, and swag for our chapter, we help communicate our chapter’s campaigns and actions to our membership and the rest of North New Jersey. Upcoming projects include a zine that will track our Defund/Refund campaign and a podcast series.

To get involved, email media_nnjdsa [ at ]


Member Engagement Committee

The membership engagement committee works to grow our chapter through welcoming new members, introducing them to how our chapter works, and plugging them in to our current projects and actions. We build the power to do the work that our chapter has envisioned by making sure all of our members feel like they have a role in the chapter and can move from active participants to leaders. We regularly conduct outreach to all new members and to old members who aren’t active.

We train our chapter’s membership mobilizers to do outreach, one on ones, and connect people with similar interests in our chapter. This year we are aiming to restart our new member orientations, happy hours and other social gatherings.

Check out the NJDSA Calendar for our next meeting! To get involved, email nnj.membership [ at ]

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