North NJ DSA

The North New Jersey DSA Elected Committeee

The North NJ DSA chapter Elected Committee, or EC, was elected in January 2021


Chapter Co-Chair

He/Him, lives in Bayonne. I am interested in doing whatever I can to build the socialist movement and a better world for all people. I cannot bear to watch others suffer and I want to help our chapter become a unifying force for building a working-class movement that will change our nation and our world. One that will hopefully help end that suffering.


Chapter Co-Chair

He/Him. Northern New Jersey. DSA for Bernie, Electoral Work, Poli-Ed, M4A. I imagine a mobilized, engaged and committed force of hundreds of people that puts fear in the hearts of the democratic party.


Hudson County Branch Co-Chair

He/him, in Jersey City. Strong interest in internal organizing, spends most external work in Eco-socialism and Electoral working groups. Let’s build a DSA that serves our members, serves the people, and fights the bosses.


Hudson County Branch Co-Chair

He/him or they/them, in Jersey City. Interest in electoral campaigns and numbers/data. My vision of Hudson DSA is an active, strong, and dynamic branch where socialists of our diverse county work together to fight for freedom and justice.



She/her. Lives in Jersey City, grew up in Cranford (in Union County). I am excited to be a part of a chapter that is fighting for the working class on so many different fronts, and I want to provide an easy, transparent process for members to access chapter funds for their campaigns. Socialist cash beats capitalist trash!


Acting Secretary

She/her. Bloomfield. Most interested in building our infrastructure to support continued growth of our chapter, and engage existing members towards more active participation. A solid crew that kicks butt against capitalism, and all of its ills.


Membership Coordinator

She/Her. My name is Melody and I am this year’s member coordinator! I am a first-year law student at Rutgers-Newark, where I also organize with the Housing Rights Coalition and the National Lawyers Guild. I’m the youngest of four kids and I’m originally from Englewood up in Bergen County.


Engagement Coordinator

She/her. South Orange. Interested in communications within our chapter and outward-facing to help grow our work. Committed to working for a better world one that imagines and fights for a world where people are prioritized over profit, a healthy environment, M4All, mental health care and support for raising healthy children.


YDSA Coordinator

He/Him. Newark. Labor. Class-struggle elections. Immigration. Political Education. Green New Deal. I anticipate our chapter becoming a serious and legitimate force behind building working-class power in the Northern New Jersey area. I believe in an organizing model that takes ordinary people who are radicalized through the injustices around them and develops their capacity to engage in class struggle and build structures of equity, democracy, and freedom.