North NJ DSA

The North New Jersey DSA Executive Committeee

The North NJ DSA chapter Executive Committee, or EC, was elected in January 2022


Chapter Co-Chair

He/him, lives in Bayonne. Interested in challenging the capitalist class in governance, fighting for housing justice for all, re-invigorating the labor movement, and building a nation that stands against imperialism. I am interested in doing whatever I can to build the socialist movement and a better world for all people. I cannot bear to watch others suffer and I want to help our chapter become a unifying force for building a working-class movement that will change our nation and our world. One that will hopefully help end that suffering.


Chapter Co-Chair

He/him, in Jersey City. Let’s build a DSA that serves our members, serves the people, and fights the bosses.


Essex County Branch Co-Chair

He/him, South Orange, working to abolish the old order and build socialism in Essex County, North Jersey, and the world.


Essex County Branch Co-Chair

He/they, Newark. Organizing for a socialist future. Co-chair of Housing Justice Working Group; active participant in Eco-Socialist and BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Groups.


Hudson County Branch Co-Chair

She/her, Jersey City based, involved in electoral organizing as long as it centers the working class and builds power for DSA. Excited to do political education and meet new members in the Hudson Branch. Also working on fundraising, Medicare for All, and our chapter's Jersey City campaign.


Hudson County Branch Co-Chair

He/him, Jersey City based, Elizabeth born and raised. Committed to the long-term fight for socialism. Let's elect socialists, build fighting unions, and remind each other where the power is.


Engagement Coordinator

She/her. South Orange. Interested in communications within our chapter and outward-facing to help grow our work. Committed to working for a healthy environment, M4All, mental health care, support for raising healthy children, and a better world where people are prioritized over profit.


Membership Coordinator

He/Him, Morristown in beloved, Edenic New Jersey. Working with the Building Stronger North Jersey priority campaign to meet, welcome, and empower chapter members. Believe in phone calls, databases, the essential dignity owed to every person, and a fundamental redistribution of economic, social, and political power.



He/him. Union City. Lifelong New Jersey resident, fighting to empower the working class of New Jersey, and to seeing socialism in our lifetimes.



She/her, Jersey City, involved in media comms and tech for the chapter. A society that values people, not profit, is the only way we will tackle climate change, endless wars, inequity, and injustice. Money is a construct but socialist cash > capitalist trash.


YDSA Coordinator

He/him, Bergen County. I want to play my part in building a world that frees people to live a life not beholden working to increase profits for the ruling class, but to contribute meaningfully with our labor. We have the numbers; now we have to build the power. Let’s do this!