North NJ DSA

The North New Jersey DSA Elected Committeee

The North NJ DSA chapter Elected Committee, or EC, was elected in January 2020


Hudson County Co-Chair

She/Her. Jersey City. All things Hudson County! In the last year that's been mostly local electoral (ordinances), housing, Bernie, m4a & immigration focused, as well as internal organizing for DSA both locally & nationally. North NJ has the potential to be one of the strongest DSA chapters! I see us as leaders of the socialist movement in NJ, who will continue to grow from the mostly working-class, diverse population we have here until we are a real force of power. We've already shown we can help produce real material gains for the people here- I see us building to real structural change in NJ's future.



He/Him. Springfield (Union County). I'd like to get involved in mutual aid and Bernie/M4A canvassing. I'd like us to continue our efforts to increase the number of members that are actively engaged and focus our actions on direct involvement in our communities. The best way to spread our values is to meet face-to-face with our neighbors and show them we are committed to improving the lives of working people.


Hudson County Co-Chair

She/Her. Jersey City. Interested in: Immigrant justice, Bernie, political education, labor, climate justice. I imagine NNJDSA being a multi-racial working class organization providing education and training to our members to become socialist organizers. I envision our chapter having the power to build a mass movement and win campaigns to improve conditions for the working class across New Jersey.

Fernando (Fern)

Membership Coordinator

He/Him. Northern New Jersey. I’m imagining North Jersey DSA being a campaign focused, inclusive and comradely organization of socialist organizers committed to achieve victories and show solidarity to the working class struggles


YDSA Coordinator

(He/Him/His) Montclair (m4a, mutual aid, prison abolition, bernie, poli-ed, etc.) I am interested in many areas. The main being Climate Justice, Fair Housing, and Equality in education. I imagine the North New Jersey DSA being a group of socialists who work together to fight against modern injustices. Across Northern New Jersey, we will work with others and build our movement to help bring fairness and equality to the community.



Jake, he/him, lives in Jersey City. Interested in working to abolish ICE, defund police, and win climate justice. I am excited for our chapter to be a hub of organizing for the region’s labor, antiracist, and environmental organizing. We’ll be winning elections, mobilizing mutual aid efforts, and empowering fellow workers across North Jersey. We are already on our way to being a home for the multiracial working class, and building a better world.


Membership Coordinator

She/her. Bloomfield. Most interested in building our infrastructure to support continued growth of our chapter, and engage existing members towards more active participation. A solid crew that kicks butt against capitalism, and all of its ills.


Chapter Co-Chair

He/Him. Newark. Labor. Class-struggle elections. Immigration. Political Education. Green New Deal. I anticipate our chapter becoming a serious and legitimate force behind building working-class power in the Northern New Jersey area. I believe in an organizing model that takes ordinary people who are radicalized through the injustices around them and develops their capacity to engage in class struggle and build structures of equity, democracy, and freedom.


Chapter Co-Chair

He/Him. Northern New Jersey. DSA for Bernie, Electoral Work, Poli-Ed, M4A. I imagine a mobilized, engaged and committed force of hundreds of people that puts fear in the hearts of the democratic party.