North NJ DSA


We are committed to the creation of a socialist society and believe that the electoral process is a means by which we can amplify our message, build the DSA’s base and our Northern New Jersey DSA Chapter’s capacity, normalize socialism within the context of our capitalist society, influence and craft local policy and build working class power. We take it as our mission not only to advance the proponents of a democratic socialist agenda, but to defeat those who would stand in the way of the actualization of that goal. We will use the electoral system we have been given to advance our agenda to produce a system in adherence with our mission. We will leverage the electoral system to defeat capitalism and create a democratic socialist society dedicated to justice, equality, and solidarity.

Group of canvassers supporting Joel Brooks for Jersey City.

Past Campaigns


Chigozie Onyema for Newark Council - West Ward

North New Jersey DSA is proud to endorse Chigozie Onyema for West Ward in Newark! Chigozie will fight for housing justice, reimagine public safety, and grow a “solidarity economy” that reinvests in the working class of Newark. 

An image of Joel Brooks, candidate for Jersey City Council Ward B, sitting on a park bench and smiling.

Joel Brooks for Jersey City Council - Ward B

The North New Jersey DSA is proud to campaign for Joel Brooks. Joel is a long-time labor organizer — his entire working life has been spent in the labor movement. Born in Honduras, and raised in a Jewish family, his life and work experiences have led him to join DSA — and to organize proudly as a democratic socialist. He is running for Jersey City Council in Ward B to fight for a city that works for working people, not just the real estate developers. He has been fighting for workers for decades to raise wages, win high quality health insurance, and gain respect and dignity on the job. As a rent control tenant, Joel knows first hand how the status quo has failed. Our housing in Jersey City is unaffordable and our schools are underfunded, all while landlords and developers keep getting richer and richer.

Endorsement Process

Our goal is to engage in class-struggle elections that endorse and support candidates who see themselves as organizers first and legislators second. Class-struggle candidates are DSA members and organizers; openly identify as socialists; use their election campaigns and position in office to mobilize and fight alongside the working class; popularize class struggle; explicitly name our class enemies; actively oppose racial, national, gender and other forms of oppression; and commit to using their campaigns and elected offices to help build and unite socialist, union and other worker organizations and militancy independent of the candidates’ campaigns and of the Democratic Party.

Below is the general endorsement process:

  1. The EWG Leadership Committee (LC) receives an expression of interest from the candidate.
  2. The LC responds by sending a candidate questionnaire to the candidate, and, optionally, other candidates in the race.
  3. Upon receipt of the completed candidate questionnaire – and, optionally, after conducting an interview with the candidate – the LC compiles a candidate report in which the LC gives its own thoughts and recommendation.
  4. The EWG then votes on whether or not to endorse the candidate based on the LC’s report and the candidate questionnaire. When deemed necessary, the EWG can vote to have a session with the candidate. That session includes a Q&A, then a private meeting without the candidate in which members deliberate on whether or not to endorse and a vote.
  5. To get endorsed, that candidate must be elected by a 60% majority at an EWG meeting.

Please reach out to us at if you are seeking an endorsement.