North NJ DSA

Committing North Jersey DSA to Tenant Organizing &
the Struggle for Housing Justice

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing housing crisis (where ⅓ of NJ workers were rent burdened) has greatly deepened due to loss of income and largely inadequate government response. Millions of renters nationally and hundreds of thousands in NJ are at-risk of eviction and homelessness. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the pre-existing housing crisis are both failures of capitalism and we need to move to a socialist housing system rooted in justice.

Focusing on tenant organizing and power building, know your rights, eviction defense, policy development and advocacy, and more can lead to this new housing justice system. This campaign:

  • Directly empowers tenants to win change themselves
  • Creates future organizers
  • Builds power to challenge the status quo

The home itself is a critical site of struggle against private capital and developers. Real estate interests hold a lot of political power in North Jersey, so being able to fight back against them is important not only for affordable housing but also for electoral campaigns, Green New Deal campaigns, immigrant justice campaigns, etc.

This campaign is one of three priority campaigns voted on and passed during our annual convention in January 2022. Read this campaign proposal’s full language here.