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The North New Jersey DSA is proud to endorse Joel Brooks for Jersey City Council. Joel is a long-time labor organizer — his entire working life has been spent in the labor movement. Born in Honduras, and raised in a Jewish family, his life and work experiences have led him to join DSA — and to organize proudly as a democratic socialist. He is running for Jersey City Council in Ward B to fight for a city that works for working people, not just the real estate developers. He has been fighting for workers for decades to raise wages, win high quality health insurance, and gain respect and dignity on the job. As a rent control tenant, Joel knows first hand how the status quo has failed. Our housing in Jersey City is unaffordable and our schools are underfunded, all while landlords and developers keep getting richer and richer. 

Joel hopes to fight for the people of Ward B, and all of Jersey City, for a city that works for them and not just the one percent. Jersey City needs a 100% grassroots funded campaign by and for working families, a movement for the people by the people, and a candidate that stands with and supports working class people. Joel’s experience in organizing within the Health Professionals and Allied Employees union advocating for people of all economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds will make him an outstanding representative of Ward B.  

For more information, check out Joel’s official website: 

What Joel Ran On

  • Housing Justice for All: Expanding affordable housing and rent control protections across the city amidst rampant gentrification.
  • Visionary long term solutions on school funding.
  • A council that is not made simply of “rubber stamps” for corporate and real estate funders and police unions
  • Being an independent voice for residents.
Joel Brooks speaking in Newark at May Day, an annual celebration of workers across the world.
Joel Brooks speaking in Newark at May Day, an annual celebration of workers across the world.

“...I want to talk about development and how it’s coming to the West Side, and what the future of the West Side is going to look like. And so, I think the number one component of that is listening to what residents want and what residents need. And that means that when a politically connected developer wants to put something up, when residents say that doesn’t make sense for our community, we should listen to the community.”

“Luxury and market rate developers, Downtown and all over Jersey City, can contribute more to the city’s balance sheets before buying city-owned land and receiving zoning variances.”

Group of canvassers supporting Joel Brooks for Jersey City in front of their campaign office.
Group of canvassers in front of Joel's Campaign Office during our first Weekend of Action in August.


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The Electoral Working Group of the NNJDSA has been organizing and working hard with Joel for the past several months to win Jersey City’s Municipal Election on November 2, 2021. New Jersey and Hudson County specifically are notorious for playing dirty when it comes to politics. The EWG focuses on class-struggle elections and endorses candidates who demand huge changes and refuse to succumb to the status quo. Having voting and election information be as accessible as possible is a necessary priority for this important democratic process.

A more equitable future built on justice is possible with people in office who actually represent us. Together, we have a city (and a world) to win! 

If you’re interested in speaking to someone from NNJDSA Electoral Working Group about how to join our meetings or get our endorsement please send us an email to nnjdsa.electoral (at)  

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