Hudson County

Picture of comrades working on the Joel Brooks campaign in Jersey City, Hudson County.
Community members and comrades organizing on the Joel Brooks for Ward B in Jersey City Campaign

Democratic Socialists of America is a grassroots, multi-tendency, socialist organization committed to the radical deepening of democracy and freedom in every aspect of our lives. Our goal is a society liberated from oppression, using tactics rooted in a realistic understanding of how to build political power and challenge entrenched structures.

North New Jersey DSA is our local chapter, and includes its very own Hudson County Branch for members located there. Each year, the Hudson County branch elects two co-chairs to serve on the Chapter executive committee. Currently, our branch meets on an as-needed basis. Much of our work relates to the larger work of the Chapter, but sometimes we have special, specific meetings such as our recent guest presentation on Hudson County politics.

Between April and November, 2021, our branch focused on the Joel Brooks for Ward B in Jersey City campaign — Joel himself is a branch member! Branch members worked as campaign field leads, canvassers, and phonebankers to plan and implement the campaign.

Hudson County DSA consists entirely of its members—our chapter is run entirely by volunteers. Aside from a skeletal staff at the national level, that’s true for every chapter. Anything that’s being done, from phone banking to strategic planning, even writing this document, happens because someone made the time for it, alongside demands from work, our loves, and our homes.

Slack is our primary means of communication. Any Chapter member can join. The North New Jersey DSA Slack (an app-based online chat room) has channels for chapter-wide announcements, committee work, Hudson County branch-specific things, and channels to socialize and share news articles and memes. Most of our work in between meetings happens over Slack. If you’re new and not on Slack yet, you’ll learn how to get added at a new member orientation.