Guilty on all 3 counts. We may exhale, but we still can’t breathe.

April 21, 2021

Justice won’t be truly served until the systems that allowed this to take place cease to exist. Consider the years of protests, laws, funding, and continued murder by police it took to find one cop guilty of murder. Consider how this is not about one bad actor, but a perpetual system of injustice particularly to African Americans since slave patrols. 

How many demonstrations and grieving families does it take to lay bare the cruel inhumane carceral state this country perpetuates? This is a slight exhale of relief, but in no way does this strike justice for George Floyd, the many before him, and the many who will follow. This is not a case of some bad apples, but of structural racism and capitalism. 

Capitalism is a system that will continue to value profit over people, property over lives, and will continue to cause sickness, hunger, homelessness, and death of our people. There will be no justice until we abolish the police and create communities whose people have our basic human needs met – food, housing, clean water & air, healthcare – and where safety is at the heart of our communities.

There is much work ahead in the quest for justice and for peace, and until the needs of the people are met, we at NNJ DSA Defund/Refund Campaign stand in solidarity with all who share this mission.