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Historic Rutgers Strike Brings a Win

by Mary R. On May 10, 2023, Rutgers University union members voted 93% to ratify a new contract, after nearly a year without one. Three unions bargained together, betting that this unprecedented coalition would be able to secure bigger gains for the most vulnerable educators on our campuses. The bet paid off–but only after we […]

From Trenton to city hall, workers are demanding more

by Isaac Jiménez, New Jersey MonitorApril 14, 2023 As cities nationwide see staggering housing prices and tenants priced out of metro regions, workers are fighting back. This week in Jersey City, residents spent five hours at a council meeting to demand that city officials give tenants a universal right to counsel to protect them from eviction, displacement, […]

Don’t Play The Game

by Karl S. On January 2nd, 2023 Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after making what looked like a routine tackle in a football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. For nine horrifying minutes the 24 year-old player lay on the field between life and death as medical staff administered CPR. As Damar’s teammates cried and […]

Seizing the Moment

How Does North NJ DSA and DSA Support Union Organizing? 2022 has been a prime time for union organizing. On April 1st, Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island succeeded in unionizing with the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) by a margin of more than 500 votes. Immediately following the victory, workers at over 100 other facilities […]


To build working class power, the answer is in our new and exciting labor movement. But the question remains: how do we meet the moment, and grow our worker militancy in North Jersey? During our chapter convention this year, the North New Jersey DSA resolved to build up our Labor Working Group with ambitious projects, […]


As part of a renewed wave of labor militancy in America, workers at hundreds of Starbucks stores across the nation are filing to unionize their workplaces. In many instances, these organizers face harassment and thinly veiled threats of termination from management as evidenced in one recent example of a 19-year old barista, Laila Dalton, who […]

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